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This page is intended for Healthcare Professionals in the United States. If you are a Patient or Caregiver seeking information, please click here.

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Instructions for Internal Use

The main purpose of this site is to enable easy identification of Astellas Medical Affairs, US Field Medical personnel including, Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs) and Field Health Economics and Outcomes Research (Field HEOR) contacts, by state and therapeutic area. The activities of the Medical function are scientific and non-promotional in nature and are governed generally by applicable laws and regulations as well as rules established by Astellas for appropriate scientific activities (e.g., responding to an unsolicited request for scientific information). Joint interactions between Commercial and Medical are subject to the Global Policy on Medical Affairs and Commercial Activities. As a reminder, all HCP requests for medical information from Commercial colleagues must come via a MIRF. This site is not intended to replace any existing business polices or processes. Please refer to the US Compliance Guide for additional information.

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Our Astellas Field Medical Teams are available to help with your scienfic questions. Our Field Medical teams are comprised of advanced degree Medical Professionals who specialize in specific Therapeutic Areas (Medical Science Liaisons or MSLs), as well as Health Economics and Outcomes Research (Field HEOR).